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The Alleged Benjamin Godfre Masturbation Video

Mon, 11/14/2011 - 5:02AM by hornygreek 0 Comments -

Benjamin Godfre is a 23-year old model born in Minnesota, USA. He is of Irish, Italian and English descent. He is currently attending school in Orange County, California. Man candy enthusiasts know his name.  He has a handsome face; a delicious combination of oozing sex appeal and charming boyishness. His hazel-colored eyes possess a sexy magnetism. He is 6 feet tall. His body is chiseled like the gods moulded and sculpted him themselves. He is a walking god on earth. His photos have graced countless blog sites featuring the world's most beautiful and sexiest. He has appeared in editorial shoots and has done fit modelling. He has sizzled countless runways in sexy swimwear which leave little to the imagination. He is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful men on the planet.

Godfre never thought he would be a male model. He has had several offers to model but those offers got rejected. It was when he met veteran photographer Tom Cullis that he was finally convinced to give modelling a shot. His first modeling gig was for the men's fashion wear, Timoteo.net. Soon, Godfre became highly in demand. He is naturally gifted in projecting in front of the camera. That, and his natural good looks and athletic physique make him one of today's most sought-after male models.

Benjamin must be aware of his titillating effect on his fans. He is never afraid to showcase his beauty. He is comfortable in his own skin. Well, who would not be? If you are as hot as Benjamin Godfre, you would have an overwhelming sense of confidence. One good thing about Benjamin, is, he loves his fans. He has his own website which he uses as a means to share his life to his followers. On the site, his followers can see what Benjamin is up to and check out his latest photos and updates. Benjamin is also fond of posting videos.

His fans can't get enough of him. The more hot photos, Benjamin posts, the more fans clamor for more. And by more, it means, sexier, hotter and less clothes. And quite just recently, to the delight of his fans, Benjamin did exactly just that. He posted nude pictures of himself in an album on his website he playfully named Fan Day Fridays. The photos although without a doubt, bold and provocative, were taken in good taste. Benjamin Godfre is as beautiful without clothes as he is with clothes on.

As if nude Benjamin Godfre photos aren't enought, a video featuring a naked masked guy jerking off is circulating the internet like wildfire. Not only did the unknown man jerk off in the video, he also came. And to any hotblooded gay man out there, that cum shot is as precious as a gay cum shot. Fans think it is without a doubt, Benjamin Godfre. Although he is wearing a mask, the unknown man's eyes were visible. And it looks as if those piercing eyes belong to Benjamin Godfre. There is also the case of the man's "Invincible" tattoo on his left foot. Benjamin has a similar tattoo, on the same location. Fans are convinced, it is indeed Benjamin Godfre pleasuring himself in the video.

Like most young men, fans think Godfre is capable of mischief. After all, like most young men, Godfre loves to go to the beach, parasail, skateboard and surf when he is not busy modeling or studying. He is also into photography. Some of his shots are posted on his website.


There's a LOT more than this available at his website, www.benjamingodfre.com !


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